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Company structure

We have several C++ teams, web-developers, mobile developers, admins, tech support and managers.

We work in small teams up to 6 people, every teams has a Lead.

Company has flat organization structure, we are for open communication between all employees.

Adaptation and mentoring

Every new employee is assigned to a mentor who helps with trainings and integration to the company.

Probation is 3 months, during this period you need to complete the trainings and pass the exam.

Our goal is the good understanding of the platform by all members of the team, both from business and technical side.

We always improve our platform, company and processes.

Working process

All tasks we track in Jira, use Scrum and Kanban processes.

We use Wiki and Slack for documents storage and messages.

We have employees’ guides, which describe our processes.

We often work in teams and pairs, that’s why we use united environment, same IDE, OS, etc.

Work conditions

We have more than 60 employees, whose average age is 30.

Full legal employment, medical insurance with dentist and policy for traveling abroad.

Comfortable office with 24 hours access.

Coffee, tea, fresh fruits, regular corporate events.

Regardless of the position, you will have the opportunity to take part in various projects - from the implementation of a specific task to architectural and strategic decisions.

Our teams

Technical support
Our teams are feature teams, who works with various tasks from requirements formation to testing and implementation. We make unit, automated and stress testing. We write technical documentation for the system and analytics for new tasks. The week before the release we perform the complex testing and stabilization by the whole team.

We share Agile and XP values. We work as a team with all tasks.

From XP we often use collective code ownership, test-driven development, code design standards, CI / CD.

After every sprint we have retros and in-company DEMO.

Every week, all teams hold meetings to analyze the backlog and evaluate tasks in detail. Teams meet daily for stand-ups.

We expect cross-functionality from teams and employees.

Development is carried out according to Scrum, sprints last for 2 weeks, every 3 weeks we have a release.

We use Bitbucket to store the code, while developing we create a feature branch.

Any code before getting into production goes through a code review. We try not to accumulate technical debt and allocate time for the technical development of the system.

Developers are the third line of support.

NTPro  8.2

NTPro platform solves various business-tasks of electronic trading for large and medium-sized enterprises. NTPro supports various markets: Forex, Derivatives, Metals and Cryptocurrencies.
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